Dispute issue

So i had made a dispute to one of my customers because I wondered why he charged back, then he got back to me (me thinking he wouldn’t because he was silent for a while) and I went to go cancel the dispute but I couldn’t. Now paypal refunded me the money but with a $20.00 fee which I do not have the money for right now and I am afraid of any of my bank getting money taken from to pay for the fee or anything else. Is there a way I could have all of this reversed because It was a mistake could paypal help with this I am not sure what to do, I do understand its just $20.00 but I just don’t want them to withdraw from any source I have in my account just to pay for this. Yes I understand in the TOS you agree to everything Its just there was never a cancel button now I cannot remove my bank and I don’t know what to do.


– Ninja

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