Limited account due to a mistake.

I am new on paypal so please help me out. 
I made an account on paypal and used another name. I verifed it with my bank and card but now the problem is that a cousin of mine is a freelancer, asked me if he could send me his earned money as paypal is not in his country. I gave him my email and they sent the money. Now the problem is that he is a Non-US while my account is US. so paypal limited my account and have asked me to provide some docs to prove that I am the correct person. this time comes the second problem. My documents have the name which is registed to my card and to my bank but its not the same as on my Paypal. So can i provide the requested details and will they be acceped? or should i go for a name change procedure. and how can i send back the money to my cousins freelacer where he can then add my tax details. 

Pleas Guide.

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