Problem with payments/check out on eBay; unusual activity on my account: HELP!!!



i hope somebody can help me with my problem with paypal/eBay.  last week, i tried to pay for items in my basket from eBay UK, never had any problem with this before.  unfortunately, i didn’t realize that i was using a VPN extension on my Chrome brower and i chose HK as my location.  since i usually transact in my location in the philippines or US for my purchases, the transaction was flagged and was not processed.  i immediately received email from paypal notifying me that there is an unusual transaction from HK using my account and they suspended my paypal account posthaste.  they asked me to send proof of identiy and submited a copy of my driver’s license.  however, in another email with subject “Re: Request for additional information PP-005-092-453-484 RX1000”, paypal asked me to submit my passport copy and explain why there was a transaction emanating from HK among other things.  they instructed to log in to paypay and click “contact us” then “email us”, but doing this didn’t get me anywhere.  so i sent an email to paypal and submitted proof of my identity as requested in their email.


i also called ebay and was instructed to unlink my paypal account but this did not solve the problem.  everytime i log in into my paypal account, this is what i get:


“We’re reviewing your documents

Thanks for checking in with us. Your documents are still being reviewed. We’ll email you when we’ve confirmed you own this account.”


its been more than a week and i really need to get this matter resolved so i can pay for the items in my cart.  i hope someone from paypal can help me.


many thanks!

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