Paypal trying to take money from my bank account still after i made my balance positive

Hello there, i am extremely scared and worried at this moment.

i did a payment of 100$ recently but accidently did it twice, the first one was a echeque and the second one was pretty much automatic, a few days later i canceled the pending payment but money was still taken from my bank account to my horror, i later found out since it was canceled i would get money back in my balance simply, but now i am extremely **bleep**, my bank account is now IN THE NEGATIVE, because of a second time i get paypal fees for not having enough money in my bank! to make it simple, the first payment (the pending one) took money from my bank account, then the second one TRIED to take money in my bank account, which gave me fees of 45$… Great… so i tought it was over, i asked the company for a refund for another payment i did which they gave me, so now my paypal balance wasnt in the negative anymore because of the second payment that didnt go trought my bank, now i look in my bank account and 45$ was taken once again! now i am way over frustrated, as it was a payment i got REFUNDED for and i dont see any reason to get fees! apparently right now paypal is still trying to take money from my bank account to cover my negative balance, WHICH ISNT NEGATIVE ANYMORE, BUT IS STILL PROCESSING TO TAKE THE MONEY FROM MY BANK ACCOUNT. please its the weekend so i cant even contact paypal for any help, it’s an emergency i need this processing payment to be canceled! my balance isnt even in the negative anymore! help!

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