Is this fraudulent or the way sales are done?

My son posted his laptop for sale on a local classified site and immediately got a text offering more than he was asking. That seemed too good to be true “RED FLAG”, but when the buyer from Colorado (so they say) offered to pay through Paypal, I thought that sounded safe. The buyer asked for my paypal email. I gave it. The buyer said they sent the $1,250, but nothing ever came to my paypal account at all.  The buyer told me to look for an email.  This is what I got, which indicates that we need to ship the laptop and get a tracking number first befor PayPal releases the money to my account. I don’t recall this being the process. I have always received the money first and if the buyer doesn’t receive the product, then they can dispute to get it back. HELP!!  Is this a fraudulent transaction? 



You received an email from PayPal company.There is a fund of $1,250 pending to be credited to your account.The funds have been confirmed by PayPal and has been deducted from the BUYER account.Your account will be credited as soon as we receive the shipping reference / tracking number / custom forms number of the shipped merchandise via emailed.
You are to ship ONLY to the VERIFIED SHIPPING ADDRESS below:
Shipping address – confirmed 

(Name and address supplied here)
The above address has been investigated and verified by PayPal and the BUYER is a verified PayPal user.
1. You have to mail the merchandise out first before you can obtain the Tracking number / Custom Forms number at the post office.
2.You are to send the tracking number to us via email to the PayPal agent (and then an email address was given) so that we can verify the numbers with the POST OFFICE.
 Thank You for using PayPal for your online transactions.
 PayPal Update TeamShipping Reference / Tracking Number / Custom forms number Needed For Verification

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