Accounts from same address and limitations



3 years ago I created an account on paypal which was then limited. To remove limitation off my account I was required to send in an image of my ID, so I did that. Days passed by and I recieved an email that my account will remain permanently limited due to my age. I was 16 years old so I can’t really blame paypal for doing that.


Now, few months ago my mother created a paypal account because she wanted to buy something off some other site. Few months later she was selling an intangible items and recieved payment in EUR. Due to paypal having buyer’s protection when it comes to intangible items some people did chargeback and ofcourse they got their money back even though she provided the service. 


The last customer  paid in dollars.


Here’s where it becomes weird. When she removed her credit card off paypal and did another purchase (she had enough paypal balance) the account was limited because of unusual activity going on the paypal account. After explaining to paypal she can’t provide any business information and invoices because it was a service she was doing they said the limitation was given to the account because of the unusual payment (dollars), which was last payment she recieved. 


The account was then permanently limited. Calling the paypal support became a daily routine at this point. 

Asking again what is wrong she was told it was because of the possible relation to the account that I created 3 years ago. They said the relation can be seen because of address we live on. Since we live in the same house, ofcourse the address will be the same… Paypal support said that limitation could be lifted if the limitation on the account that was created 3 years ago gets lifted aswell. 



Ofcourse I called the support regarding my account and they said nothing could be done to remove limitaion off that account.

So it’s a neverending circle at this point.


Now, what I’d like to know is what will happen if one of my brothers/sisters would make an account and for some weird reason would get limited again. Would then there be same poblem with “same address”?


Also, the sole reason why my mothers account was limited in the first place was because of the currency she recieved the payment in is ridiculous.

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