pending following new UK Interchange Plus fee structure

Since we have been moved onto the new Interchange Plus fee structure we had stopped having funds released and all are showing as Pending!


We had raised this several times with support and got a different answer every time until we eventualy (6 days later!) spoke to someone else who told us this is a known issue for some customers and we are working on a solution to get your funds released.

Everyone has said the same thing though “If you go back to the blended fee structure then this wont happen moving forward (we just pay more in fees!) but the payments to us are still showing as pending, and this has meant Paypal are holding onto just over £500 of our money since the 9th September!


We did receive a further phone call on Friday saying they think they have found a solution and funds should get released over the weekend but still as yet (Monday 13:17 GMT) still nothing.


Anyone have any insight on this?

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