Transfer money from bank to anther via Paypal


i have two account in two country and i want to transfer money from 1st bank to 2nd bank, but  the 1st one refeused to transfer vis swif code or IBAN so the only way is to transfer to anther paypal account which i can withdraw them to 2nd bank account.


i try it but the paypal send me a warning !!!?


We recently noticed that you completed several credit card cash advances, which is not allowed under our User Agreement.

If you participate in a restricted activity while using our service, we may permanently suspend your PayPal account. You should also know that we may hold or delay a payment at our discretion to ask you for more information about any transactions you've completed.  Please consider this your first and final warning

You can view the terms of our User Agreement, which you accepted upon creating your PayPal account, by clicking Legal Agreements at the bottom of any PayPal webpage.

Thank you for choosing PayPal.

How can i made it?

How can get it ligel?


Thank you



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