Paypal payment not showing in paypal account.

Hi, am hoping someone can help me please.

Basicly, I have two ebay accounts. First account I’ve had for years and have been buying and selling on Ebay with no problems.

The second account I’ve had for just over a year and have been buying with no problems, my paypal payments have been going through fine.


I’ve just sold my first item on the sceond account. it shows on Ebay it sold and I also had a noteifcation email from paypal saying that it sold and I can now send it to the buyer.


Problem is when I log into my paypal account there is no sign of the sale. The buyer has paid, but there is no payment or anything regarding the sale on paypal, not even a payment pending. Nothing at all.


I did some research on the problem and thought maybe my second account email is not linked to my paypal account. On trying to add this new email account onto my paypal account I keep getting this message…”We’re sorry. You can’t claim the payment with this account because it’s already linked with another user. Try asking your sender to send it to a different email address if you have one”.


Surely its linked to me?

I’m stumped, any help would be great, many thanks.


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