Paypal withheld my money, help. -_-

I am fed up with PayPal and I’m sure a LOT of paypal users left the company because of the same reason. I am not going to get into it because I am literally so fed up. I just want my money so I can leave and shut down my account. Long story short. I sold an iPhone 6 on eBay and it was delivered on Sept. 12. It is now Sept. 22 and Paypal has since been holding my funds.

I emailed PayPal MULTIPLE times and I basiclly got the same response. ” add a trakcing number to be released in 3 days” blah blah, I would have done that but the tracking number given by UPS would not work. It was invalid but on the shipping reciept it gave a tracking number, but when I would go type in the tracking number it would say invalid so I skipped out on the tracking and told the buyer he would have his item in 1-4 days. The item was delievered on Sept. 12 and I confirmed that with the buyer.

So I could not add a tracking number which means I would have to contact PayPal or wait it out until my funds are released on the estimated release date which is September 28th. I contacted PayPal MULTIPLE TIMES stating that the item was delivered and that they could confirm that with the buyer. It was like I was talking to a wall.

I gave up. Whoever is reading this do not trust PayPal, this is a known problem and many users filed complaints but as usual; PayPal is a big company. Filing a complaint or trying to sue them will make no difference with the amount of power they have.  Paypal is dehumanizing its users and abusing its rights. 

Will my funds be released on the estimated release date? Estimated Release Date: Sept. 28

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