PayPal holding all of my money from Ebay sales

These morons at PayPal have really **bleep** up what was a nice way to sell. If I am a new client and I need to build feedback for selling items, how I am I supposed to do that if Paypal holds the money for 21 days and doent even let me have access to the shipping portion of the funds? I am supposed to pay for all of the shipping up front and then just catch my money when they decide to finaly release it? I have poitive feedbacks on items now for days and they still havent relesaed the money. IT seems like a real catch 22 to start up on. IF they keep all of the money how do you pay for the shipping? Why do they need to hold it for 21 days, Surly they are making some type of income off all of those held millions and millions of dollars. Could be a nice class action if enough people can get together and challenge what they are doing with our money. Iam going to look for another selling site and payment platform, these guys have just gotten to big to worry about customer service.

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