Unable to receive eBay buyer’s cc payment without legal business account

Hi! I just sold an item on ebay and received a message informing me that my buyer paid with a credit card and that I had to upgrade to a business acount to receive the payment. You know the drill. I haven’t sold anything on ebay or used paypal in a couple of years and apparantly they got rid of the premier account option. So which account are people like me who occasionally sell used personal items on ebay supposed to use now? I tried to sign up for a business account, using my own name as the ‘legal business name’ (as one forum suggested) but I couldn’t make it past the required questions about my business that follow. Do I just make a bunch of stuff up? I just wanted to sell this one item which I now sold; I’m not really looking to add a business on my tax returns. 

I don’t know if I missed a vital step when I was setting up the ad but I can’t understand why the buyer was able to send me a payment that I don’t qualify to receive…

Any help would be very appreciated! Thank you! 

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