Pending balance in a possibly unique situation

This is following on from a previous post where I described how I erroneously sent money to my cousin in the US via the ‘Purchase Goods/Services’ option instead of ‘Send money to Friends/Family’ option – which I’ve since learnt is unavailable in my country (Kenya). I got in touch with PayPal and pointed out my folly and I was advised to have my cousin mark the orders (as now PayPal assumed we were in a buyer-seller scenario) as processed in order for the funds to be cleared after a three-day period. We did as instructed on the 22nd and are presently waiting for the three-day period to elapse. However, this still doesn’t sit right with me. I don’t think I should be subjected to this 3-day hold when this is clearly not a buyer-seller situation. I’ve tried to convey the same to them but they’ve since gone quiet when previously we corresponded reasonably well via email. I’m worried that the PayPal app on my cousin’s phone shows that the holds are due to be lifted on October 6th, despite an email from PayPal saying that that would happen three days after ‘orders are marked as processed’. Any advice/tips? Thanks.

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