IPN not created, even when payment made.

I have an issue where the IPN isn’t in PayPal’s IPN history page. However the payment was made and the money cleared in the bank.


I use Opencart and almost missed the a £1k order (they dont go in the main order section if no IPN is received) the reason it didn’t show up in the order list of Opencartis because PayPal didn’t send a notification to the website to say that payment was made.


Attached  is the IPN history page in paypal, the two red underlined IPN’s are for the two orders that were successful (24859, 24862). (http://imgur.com/a/ZNmgp) 


The second image show the orders in backend of Opencart, I had to find the order circled in blue in the missing orders section of Opencart (where failed or non completed checkouts go). As to why they didn’t send a notification I am unsure. (http://imgur.com/a/byFBf)


Does anyone know why there is no record of the IPN. Not even a failed one? I could have lost a £1k order.



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