Payment from two sources, but with insufficient balance

Please consider the following scenario.


I have linked my bank account to my PayPal account.

I currently have $10 balance in my PayPal account  (my credit card is also linked but cannot be debited/charged)

I have authorized (for unknown reasons) a $30 online payment to an online subscription that I do not want.


Normally, PayPal would take the $10 from my PayPal account balance and the rest $20 from my bank account (but this takes some days).


After realizing my mistake, I immediately unlink my bank account and also make sure my bank account does not have a $20 balance, so PayPal cannot actually debit my bank account.


The question is:

Does PayPal give to the seller the $10 as a partial payment or, because the whole amount is not covered, returns the $10 to my PayPal balance?


Thank you!

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