Adding Money is almost non-existent where I live now.. Through ALL moneypak cards



I want to laugh, and cry, reading the posts, and help in PayPal, on how to add money and “what works”.

I have had a PayPal Business Reloadable MasterCard since I joined PayPal to handle my business accounts in 2007.

To add money back then, we had to buy a GreenDot MoneyPak. I KNOW those are familiar to people just recently starting out with PayPal.


Then, almost 2 years or so ago, I’m not sure of the exact time, the GreenDot MoneyPak cards disappeared off the Dollar General and Family Dollar racks. These are the newest stores that carry cards to add money to ANY vendor; games cards, basic paypal prepaid mastercard, etc).

I was told, by a Dollar General employee there were scares of “hackers” with the GreenDot, so they quit bringing them and stocking them. Of course, knowing computers, computer science, and hacking I knew this was just another excuse for something else and wanted to laugh.


I was told the PayPal Cash cards were used now; these were the WHITE ones that were not reloadable. So, I purchased one, went to the site, put the number in, loaded my paypal site, accepted the “payment” of money I just added, and I was in business again. These were $3.95 just like the GreenDot.

Then, PayPal/Mycash came out with the BLUE reloadable cards for PayPal. Even though they still cost $3.95 to reload same care over and over, you didn’t have to go to the 1st site and enter the 10-digit number and then go accept payment. This card, and the number, was attached to you paypal account; hence, it went directly into your paypal account, except for going in and “accepting payment” from yourself.


Then, the reloadable cards STOPPED wanting to work to add money onto about 6 months ago. I would have to  buy a NEW reloadable card everytime. The fee was the same, it was just that one additional step that could be bothersome on the wrong day.

Well, 2 months ago, I could NOT find ANY PayPal/MyCash cards in ANY Dollar General or Family Dollar stores. They could not reload mine attached to PayPal, nor were there any hanging on the racks to purchase.

WHAT did I see hanging instead? The GreenDot MoneyPak cards again!

Well, I have yet to buy one to try to add funds to my PayPal. When I started having issues with the paypal cash cards, I almost lost $300 because a clerk used the checkout card for the BLUE prepaid paypal cards; not the grey business ones.

Lucky for me, the manager knew me, saw video the next day me going up there few times, and was able to get it back from her drawer since it was the next day. I don’t want to risk it unless I KNOW if I buy a GreenDot I can come straight back here to my PayPal and it work to add my funds.


I go under add funds on this site.

Get this; a month ago it had GreenDot MoneyPak and to choose CVS or RiteAide to get a UPC code to take a pic of to take to THOSE 2 pharmacies to add funds. There wasn’t ever a Dollar General nor Family Dollar; another reason I was iffy buying it inside the store.

But, NOW? You click add funds and it has MYCASHMONEYPAK again! BUT, it has the CVS and RiteAide pharmacies to get a UPC code; not any others.


This is getting really aggravating to try to keep my business going with PayPal DUE to the above mentioned.


I had obtained a BlueBird American Express card from WalMart a few months before this all started messing up, I can add ANY AMOUNT at the registers at WalMart for NO FEES and can add family to accounts and they can get cards in their names. 

With all this headache, I’m about ready to call it quits with PayPal.


Right now ALL payments are coming directly out of my bank account; due to no funds being in PayPal. I do NOT like this and got PayPal to keep my writing business accounts seperate from personal accounts. But, with the headache to find out how, and locate a place where they will, add funds anymore, I had no choice; until now with WALMART BLUEBIRD AMERICAN EXPRESS NO FEE ADD MONEY ON CARD AT REGISTER!


I’m still deciding. Going to see if the GreenDot will add funds; or recent mycash card seen at my hometown dollar store. If not, I’m gone from hear even though its been 9 years business with PayPal Smiley Sad.

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