EU Withdraw Issues!

Hey there, I was wondering what options do I have to withdraw my founds from my paypal. I live in Montenegro and it just recently got approved by paypal actually before 6months and by now so far they allowed Send and Recieve policy and I managed to link my Visa Credit Card and verified my account. But the problem is that whenever I try to withdraw founds from my paypal account to bank it says there’s a problem. So Could someone confirm its possible to withdraw founds from paypal to my country ? 


Even contacted my CC bank issuer and they said I should contact paypal about this problem and I did so and they told me to contact my bank issuer again Smiley Surprised 


It seems to be endless loop from both sides, yet when I did check the link people usually send here to see “what options to withdraw I have” It shows noone as it seems to be outdated or something.

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