Linking Bancorp with Paypal Account Issues



I’ve been having some issues with linking the bancorp account with my paypal account.


I’m trying to set up my paypal prepaid card in a way so that I can transfer money from my paypal account to my prepaid card. I’ve come across a few issues in setting it up, but probably because I’m not entirely sure how to do it. On the prepaid site, I can’t access “My Profile” because it says that the card has not been activated, even though i’ve used it before and it says that it’s “Activated and Ready to Use”. The magnetic strip on it doesn’t work either, so maybe that’s the issue? Is it the fault of the card itself?


Now my issue with the bancorp bank account is that it just won’t link to the paypal. I was given a bancorp account on my prepaid site that i’m trying to use, but the bank account just won’t link. I have triple-checked to make sure the numbers i type in are correct and in the right space and that i’ve clicked checking and all that, and i’ve also redone the process multiple times, but the page just keeps loading with the blue and white circle thing, or I get a red message that just says “Sorry, we are not able to process your request. Please try again later.” 


I’m becoming very frustrated. Could someone help me with this?

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