Technical paypal issues

So i have gotten to the stage where i can transfer money from my paypal account and all that fancy jazz, But i am in a bit of an conundrum. I have tried once to send money into my paypal account because i don’t want to go into debt with paypal. Now don’t get me wrong, I have the money for the one purchase i made this account for ( in my bank account), It’ll cost me 191 CAD and i have 300 CAD. I have far more than enough but i can’t get money onto my account, paypal isn’t allowing money onto my account. (there not directly saying no, it’s having a technical issue.) So my question is should i allow myself to potentially get into debt because of paypals technical issues, while making my purchase. Or should i hammer the fudge outta that transfer money button until it works? I just don’t want Paypal loan sharks to come and shoot the **bleep** outta me. 

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