A Temporary Hold on a Transaction that Never went through

Okay I’ve read other topics, searched everywhere, tried calling, and emailing support, and all I get is automated generic, FAQ responses that I have already read/heard and do not pertain to my question.

So here, let’s try this, kind of a last resort before I just all and abandon PayPal as my POS service.

I attempted an order using my distribution site that I have used 5-6 times already in the past, without a problem.
I forgot my CVC number, didn’t have card on hand, and entered the incorrect number, the suppliers site never showed the order completing.
I check my Paypal, and somehow the funds were already taken out, as if Paypal tried to send it for me, unfortunately the seller doesn’t accept direct payments from Paypal, only credit/debit cards. 
There is a hold on the funds, and it says things about processing through a bank, however not a penny of that money came from a bank, it was all already located in my paypal balance.
I’ve seen many a user state they waited 30 days, or more for the funds to again be available, and I’m sorry, but that is not acceptable, when this is an issue that should not have happened.
The order didn’t complete, I entered the wrong CVC on the page, Why did Paypal remove, and now is holding my money, and I have no way to contact anyone or truly dispute a “Pending” transaction.
Any help to this problem?

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