Unable to get verified

My request to get my account to be verified by PayPal is denied as I was told that my country of registration is different from the proof of address that I’ve provided. 



The reason for the difference of country is because I misclicked when I registered. And I’ve also checked with the support team and they said that it wasn’t possible to change it. 


I was advised to create a new account so that the country I’m residing in now is tally with the new account created. 


Since my account is still not verified for days, I’m not been able to send / make any payments via my wallet balance. 


So if I were to make a new account, then what about my wallet balance? Are you guys gonna just eat it up because of a stupid mistake I’ve made 2 years ago when creating this account? 


I’ve tried calling but was put on hold for like 30 mins and email support team is slow af. 


Any advise is highly appreciated. 

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