‘Discrepancy’ between amount on ‘PayPal Order Receipt’ and amount debited from PayPal account

Today I purchased an item from a seller for €12.90. Moments later I received the ‘PayPal Order Receipt’ through which stated the following:


PayPal Balance:                $19.73

$1.00 AUD = €0.654136956 EUR


Now I did the calculation myself to make sure the invoice amount is correct and if you do the calculation yourself you’ll find it comes to NOT AU$19.73, BUT AU$19.72 !!! ((1 ÷ 0.654136956) x 12.70 = 19.720640887 = 19.72) which means PayPal have overcharged me 1¢ !!! Now why is this an issue? Well apart from the obvious, It could conceiveably cause me to be 1¢ short on my next order through no fault of my own. However the more serious issue is it appears the 1¢ overcharge is ‘DELIBERATE’ !!! And I’m sure anybody else reading this will struggle to come up with an alternative plausable explaination for the 1¢ discrepancy given there is simply ‘NO POSSIBLE WAY’ one can get 19.73 from the exchange rate used no matter how much rounding one does, even if one uses 4 decimal places in the calculation !!! So the ONLY conclusion I can reach is PayPal have ‘intentionally’ added an extra 1¢ on ‘in the hope’ ‘no one will notice’ or care !!!


I had to have a 40 minute heated argument over the phone with the ‘so called’ customer service operator trying to convince them I had been overcharged – even ‘PROVING’ to them I had !!! Their end maintaining that PayPal’s ‘system’ ‘automatically’ calculates the payment and therefore it ‘MUST BE CORRECT’ !!! In the end the supervisor, after putting me on hold for a further 10 minutes, decided to credit my account with AU$1.00, which you can make of what you will.


In conclusion it ‘appears’ PayPal are ‘scamming’ money from their users. It may be a cent here or a cent there – nothing that most users would notice or care about if they did, but if PayPal are processing, say, a million orders a day and sneaking in a cent extra charge on each order – well that’s AU$10,000.00 a day that’s effectively being ‘stolen’ from customer’s accounts !!!.

I would urge anyone reading this to double check their PayPal order receipts to ensure they have been charged the correct amount. You may find there are discrepancies !!!

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