URGENT please is this a scam?

So I’m from Portugal and I’m selling my piano on a Portuguese online website to buy/sell items. I get this message from a buyer on that website written in very poor portuguese saying that he’s interested in buying my piano and tells me to email him (gmail). His address is identified as Ricardo Nunes (PT name and surname) but he only speaks english for some reason, and he asks me if we could proceed with the payment through paypal. I tell him it’s fine and he asks me to send him my paypal email so he can pay me. He pays me 1040€ (750€ for the piano and 290€ for shipping bc he’s not even in Portugal). I get an email from PayPal saying I received 1040€ but the money is locked until I send the excess 290€ to the shipping agent through Western Union. This seems very fishy, is it? Thanks everyone. Why didn’t he just pay the shipping himself instead of making PayPal lock the money bc of the shipping thing? I don’t understand. Now I’ll have to send him MY money to unlock those 1040€ on paypal by sending them a certificate showing how I actually paid those 290€. Is this a scam?

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