withdraw money in eu each time probllem

Why, each time as im want to withdraw money to my bank or card account i can’t to it untill i will not make a call to support center?

Why i can’t to do in not from web (temporally error) and from mobile (denied due high risk)

Account and card are confirmed, phone is verifed, accoun also hase no restriction, dont blame me about ” our web is under construction”- if then, than why problem dissaper after call to support center? Yoou taking money from me per each transaction, why i must make call each time? to splend more and more money to  listenin canned messeges from operator?


Please, fix it, or make your own debit card, or close your business! Each time, even if i sending invoce (from paypal) to customer, and customer pays me according to invoice i need to wait 21 day of pending, and than 5-6 day before this money will apper in my account



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