ebay return policies a total scam.

I been buying and selling on ebay for several years and always having a great experience until this week.  I had an ebay store contracted for one year back on June, my intention was to stay with the store for no less than 12 months.  Everything was running smoothly until last week with lots of sales and great people to trade with.  it happened that i sold a 1930-s Standing Liberty Quarter to a client who submitted a bid for the item, so i shipped the item and a week later, the client contacts ebay and uses their automatic return service with the note that the item he received was “cleaned” and that a coin in that condition looses value to a collector so he would return the item for a refund.  I accepted the return because i have 2 weeks no question asks return policy.  

so finally the item arrived and to my surprised when i opened the envelope i found that the customer with over 2 thousand positive feedback and 100% feedback, return a regular $.25 cents quarter instead of the $30+ dollars coin i first sent him to Warren Ohio.  So i inmediately contacted ebay and their appeals department where i lay out exactly the situation and they advice that i should wait for a response from client before going forward with a claim.  So i waited for a response from the client but he didn’t reply back to 2 of my initial emails.  

So then i call back again their customer service department to say that i had not received the original item and the customer was avoiding to response to my emails.  So the day to five refund came and with still no response i opened a case so that they can intervene and resolve this matter because it was the first time ever a similiar situation had occured.  So the same day in a matter of hours the email came back saying they their final decision had been to refund full payment to customer + original shipping, i was perplex, not even beleiving my eyes, that without any regard to the pictures, the emails, the calls, and their assurances not to worry, they sided with buyer and declined any further action on the matter.  

After much deliberation and with all the pain of my heart I decided to close down the store and my account because if buyer can easily scam a seller by using and abusing ebay’s return policies then it means this website it not a safe place to sell.  So i loggin into my account and saw a charge for $160USD for ending short the agreement to sell in their website for the whole 12th months. I called them to explained that i didn’t want to stay as a seller on the portal and that i wanted to close down my account because i felt Ebay wasn’t a safe place for our products, and once again cero help from their customer service department, so what is the only one thing left to do, is arbitration. which im starting today, because i think we have no other recourse.  If the fee is not remove we won’t pay the last 2 invoices until that “Store premium early termination fee” is remove. because not only are we out the original $32USD, but now Ebay is hitting us with a fee for leaving early, after all who in their sane mind would want to keep on selling on a platform with high comissions and after such abusive policies?  

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