Please help me solve the fraud issue!

Dear Sir or Madam,

I frauded by someone whose Paypal name is Jackson McLachlan and his paypal account is


Here is the whole issue:
I do not know Jackson McLachlan in person, I posted a message on a forum and said that I need money exchange (RMB TO Dollars) with someone. So he added my we chat (A Chinese instant message application) and we had 3 money transactions, which I sent him RMB through Alipay and he sent me dollars through Paypal. So at first, he sent me money through Paypal Friends & Family, and I saw the transaction is completed, I also sent my money to him from Alipay. But just today I found that he ask Paypal get the refund from my account and claimed that he did not authorize the purchase, and I saw my balance is negative.I realized it is a fraud, this man intended to do this!

So, I would like to offering all the evidences I have and prove that I am innocent and he should give the money back to me.

so, dear Madam or Sir, you can find these 3 transaction made at the same time, at that moment, the currency is 1 dollar to 6.6 CNY. First he sent me $100 and I sent him 660CNY.

Second time, he sent me $400 and I sent him 2640 CNY.

Third time, it’s after few days, he sent me $180 and I sent him 1188 RMB back. I screenshot when we were making transaction and you can see it is completed in my side. Unfortunately, the money on Alipay can not be refunded (they do not have this service). So, I am begging your help with solving this case getting my money back. I have been a very loyal Paypal user, can’t believe this happened to me. I need your help very much, thank you!


Sorry I do not have the English version but I hope you can tell from the number and date.


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