Buyer claimed that working item was broken in order to force return

I recently sold a guitar amplifer for around $400. It was pretty much like new and I had no issues with it. The buyer had it for a couple of days and claimed that it was broken because it wasn’t getting loud enough. I agreed to issue a refund because I thought that it could have possibly been broken during shipping, even though I packaged it well. When I got the amplifier back, it was working 100% without any issues. The buyer didn’t have the gain turned up properly, which would explain why it was so quiet for him. Now I have to pay over $100 in shipping fees/selling fees because of this. I don’t offer returns on any of my items and I’m out quite a bit of money and time because of this. I contacted ebay and they instantly issued a refund to the buyer… Almost as if they didn’t even bother to look the case over. Is there anything I can do?

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