eCheck instead of instant transfer now bank is NSF

I receive funds from a friend to give to his son without having to go through his ex-wife. For the last year or more each time the transfer has been instant and when I get notified that I have received a payment I can go and withdraw the amount with my payPal debit card and give the kid his cash. Well a couple of days ago I rec’d $600 but did not notice that it was an echeck. I didn’t see that my balance was not $600 in fact I don’t think it shows you your balance on that page. So I went to withdraw the money to give to his son and since I was at the grocery store I decided to save the transaction fee and got cash back with my purchase. First $300 then $200. Well since the echeck had not cleared PayPal took the money from the transactions from my checking account. This then caused my checking account to go negative and  to incur several $28 NSF fees. I know PayPal is going to say it was my fault because I should have seen it was an echeck and not an instant transfer but in the past it was always an instant transfer so I had no idea that it would not continue to be an instant transfer. Does PayPal ever credit a customer’s account as a courtesy to a long-time customer? 

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