I sold an item to someone last month. This buyer received it and said she wants to return it for some reason. Then she shipped it back to the wrong address, but in the same city and state with me. She provided the USPS tracking# to Paypal. Few days later, USPS’s website is showing this “delivered to Brooklyn NY”. I called USPS to tell them that I did not receive my package. USPS asked me what is my tracking#. I told them, they told me this tracking was shipped to Brooklyn NY, but not under my shipping address. I asked them where did this buyer ship it to. USPS said for saftey reason, they can’t provide it to me. I called PAYPAL, I said do not issue a refund to this buyer. She shipped it to another address, she did not ship it to me. I told Paypay to contact USPS to verify the shipping address. Paypal said according to USPS website, it was “Delivered to Brooklyn NY” already. And they issued a refund to her. This is totally a scam. I don’t understand why Paypal not contact USPS to verify the shipping address since you got the tracking#. They just issued a refund to her based on “the state and city”. So based on my experiece, people can get scam like this easily. It looks like as long as you return something to the same state and city as you, you will get a refund. 

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