How I Receive My Bills

Hi there, I’ve been receiving my PayPal bills electronically by email AND by regular mail for years.  I like that because when I get the email, it helps remind me that I need to get ready to send my payments out.  Then, when I get the bill in regular mail, I know it’s time to take care of my bill.  I always get a money order and send out my payments that way.  That’s the way I prefer to do it, and I’m not interested in changing that.      However, the last two billing cycles, I am receiving the statements electronically but NOT by regular mail.  I haven’t changed any settings, or anything at all.  There is no where in my settings that says how customers want to receive their bill, or I would have taken care of it.  I called PayPal, requesting that they for sure send my statements through regular mail, but so far, I haven’t received it.  What can I do to make sure I start getting my statements again in the mail?  Keep calling???

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