Should I send money via friends and family to a reputable seller on ebay for a good?

A week ago I bought an gold plated iPhone from a seller that has very good feedback and it came out to be a really good looking products. Later I asked the seller if he could customize the iPhone 7 plus in gold plated for me. He answered yes and said that because the iPhone 7/7 plus is for personal order only so I will have to send him money via friends and family. I firgued out that it was tricky and asked him again if he could put the item on Ebay for me to purchase it, so i would have better protection. He then aswered me than he was trying to save me some fee, but if I wanted to buy it on ebay than he will put it on ebay for me. But since it costs around $2400 so I asked him if I could have my name engraved under the Apple logo. He said he could but if later I want to return the item then no one will buy it, so I have to send money via friends and family. He did give me his name and phone number a long with his company website to prove that he’s legit. I did ask another seller for the same option and he did not ask for friends and family payment so I found the other guy look like a scammer. In this case, what should I do? 

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