Why is my payment is still pending?

This is my first time selling a product. About 2 weeks ago, I sold an laptop named Razer Blade 14″ at ebay. And the buyer told me he would buy it for $565 including the delivery fee. So, I gave the tracking number to PayPal told me that they have received the tracking number, which is confirmed. They also told me that “You’ve received a payment of $565.92 USD from ***** for your recent eBay sale.” They send me the payment through my email and the I’ve received a transaction number. So, I cancelled the auction on ebay because I thought the deal was over. However, I only got the payment on my email, and NOT on my PayPal account, which I didn’t get my funds yet. So, I emailed the customer service and they told me that my PayPal account is temporarily on hold and they detected a flagrant hacker? Also, it’ll take couple of weeks until the investigation is complete, which the payment is still pending now. How much longer do I have to wait? And what is exactly going on? What do I have to do? I appreciate you very much about helping me about this. Thanks.

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