Paypal Bill Me Later 12months payment

Hi, I purchased something off of eBay for $416 but transaction was cancelled as the seller made a mistake in his listing. The $416 was then refunded back to my credlit line but it says “12 Easy Payments” underneath. What does this mean? Since I have a credit line of $1000, my balance available should have been $1000 out of $1000, correct? But it’s not, it’s $584 instead. 


My question ; is the $416 refund to my credit line being split into 12 monthly refunds?


I also made a few other purchases after and when I paid them next month, the money was subtracted out of the $416? I don’t get it, what the heck?


PLEASE HELP! Paypal customer support isn’t helping, must I visit their headquarter?

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