paypal denied appeal – what to do next?


2 November 2016, I received email from PayPal that my appealed denied and now I can not use my PayPal no longer after I tried to verify myself as a real person who is honestly in using PayPal as a method of Payment.


The matter started on October 19, 2016, when I asked PayPal about receiving payment in USD instead in RUB. I have received answer from payPal that to be able to receive payment in USD, I have to verify myself. In hope to be able to maximise the service from PayPal, I did send all the documents needed to verify myself as a real person.


But what I got now? PayPal denied my appeal after 6 years of using my PayPal account. Do you ever consider how big is the loss for me as your frequent user? I am using PayPal as a personal user. Not as big trader.


I feel displeased with the matter. I am a PayPal user since the year of 2010. 6 years I have used my PayPal to do my transaction on eBay or any other merchants that work with payPal.


And because I was just trying to verify my account, PayPal decided to cut the account – just because I am a foreigner who lives in Russia who hold a Russian Bank account and Russian Bank Card.


I am an Indonesian (ex-pat) who work in Moscow. I have my Russian bank account and Russian debit card as well as my resident permit. I am a legal person in Moscow based on law and my registration from  the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation.


Is it because of that PayPal denied my appeal?


Personally, I am asking PayPal consideration for me to be able to use my PayPal again by contacting the customer service. I never did anything that violate the Policy of PayPal. I never have any dispute since I have my PayPal and I never did anything that harm PayPal in any ways.


But what I got is the email that I CLEARLY DO NOT UNDERSTAND! What is the loss for PayPal by having me? I did not demand PayPal for money. I paid my FEE on time and everything that I did is for the GOOD of both sides! But PayPal unfortunately see it WRONG.


Now, I have lost a lot!



Dear PayPal user, is there anything that I can do to get my account back? Thank you in advance.




Felix Kim

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