Prob w/ buyer, PayPal deducted $ fm acct altho told me they think I’m right, he had buyer’s remorse

I sold an item on eBay, it’s cast iron.  Rcvd msg fm buyer that it was broken in shipment.  I used an entire roll of bubble wrap, fragile stickers all over the pkg.  He filed dispute, said it was not as described.  (Crazy that Paypal doesn’t have a category for damaged, only unpaid and not as described.)  I called PayPal, Paypal rep actually told ME there is no way for it to have broken, no worries, dispute will be escalated and resolved in my favor in less than 24 hrs.  I sent pics to email address I was given (no verification of receipt).  I received an email stating there would be an answer in 21 days AND they deducted the amt fm my account.  How can this possibly be done when there is no resolution?!  Are calls recorded, does anyone know?  Does it mean anything that a supervisor told me situation would be resolved in my favor in less than 1 day, now I have NO idea what’s going on?  I called, PayPal is busy.  Theoretically someone is to call me.  Hasn’t happened in the time frame computer stated. 

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