Fradulant Seller posing as seller. What to do??? help?

I made a purchase on 10/29/2016 from a someone I thought was the seller, when I sent my PayPal payment I never received my merchandise. I was for an online E-Course…So I contacted the (real)  sellers help desk through their website, and they informed me they had no record of my purchase. ask me to send a screenshot of my PayPal receipt to verify, and upon review they told me the email address on the PayPal receipt was fradulant,  a fradulant seller posing as them, that they had a list of authorized official emails that would appear on their PayPal receipts and sent them to me, the one on my PayPal receipt being none of them… then they instructed me to contact PayPal, file a dispute for fraud, and have the charges reversed.


I contacted PayPal, filed a dispute, for a unauthorized transaction, explained it all to them,  because for some reason it wouldnt let me file a diapute for the transaction for merchandise not received, but PayPal closed the case after 1 day of supposedly investigating, and contacting the seller, which I know they couldnt have, THERE WAS NO SELLER, atleast not the one that got my money, IT WAS A FRAUD… saying I authorized the charge. So now I am out my money and my merchandise.


I am very mad, irritated, you name it, because PayPal says they are here to help, but they have done nothing.



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