PayPal helps my balance to negative without any reason

 Hello i have negative balance into my account without any reason at all. I’ve sold to Ebay. I accidently put 2 listings and both sold for aprox 15 EUR the seller opened a dispute bcs i didn’t send the item and he did not recieve it. Now my dispute is asking me to pay before NOV 11 2016 + my balance went red the same ammound like exactly 14,90 and the seller paid also exactly 14,90 but it was held and i have not refunded and still its in red.


Why does my PayPal go in red. Is this place a MAFFIA stealing all my money!? why go balance in RED it shouldn’t.


I wan’t to pay all the stuff i have to pay back to that seller but i wan’t to know why my balance wen’t negative in the same ammound as the EURO’s send and HELD to the buyer 14,90 RED + 14,90 Buyer on ebay 


+ I have to wait 24 days or something for buyers protection i don’t care about i wanne know how to resolve my problems and CLOSE MY ACCOUNT ASAP.

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