Paypal – Trustly Group – Adding funds to my paypal – Limits

Hello guys from Paypal.
I’m from Bulgaria and my name is Bilgin.
Before a year ago i added funds to my paypal account with more than 5k$ just in one time, and i did it with the group i think was called (TopUp Paypal) Or something like that.
Now as i tried to add funds to my Paypal account, directly connected me to the Trustly Group and they want my details for login and etc, then my CCB Bank, want account… Okey i made one before days and now when i make 1 transaction with 200 euro, after that when i try again says that have limits …. From 5 days to now i can’t add money again to my paypal.
I talk with Trustly more than 5 times, each day and they said that they can’t give me more answers, because this is just a limits and they can’t help me :X (This is very BAD)
Can you explain me PAYPAL, Why you are partners with Trustly, i can’t make business with my job now… This is so tired and stops me to live…
Please make something, please, or tell me what i have to do to add more than 5K$ again to my paypal account.
Thanks and Regards!

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