Paypal used a bank account that doesn’t exist…?

I started using Paypal about a year ago. I linked a checking account to it, and everything was fine and dandy. Then some things happened, and I overdrew my account. I ended up closing it with the bank, and opened a new one instead.


Flash forward a year now. I ordered something online, and it only had Paypal available as a payment method. Sure enough, it had this one-click payment set up for me, and I assumed the account number was correct. The payment went through, no problem. But when I actually went to my banking page, I noticed there was no charge….and then I realized that Paypal had used my old checkings account that I closed a year ago. For example, my old closed account was like 2467, and my new one is 2405, but Paypal charged 2467.


I also have a debit card registered on Paypal, but I’m not sure what will happen. Will the charge bounce to my debit card? Or will the transaction be cancelled entirely?

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