help with Canceled/Expired payment

I need help on how to get my money back form a transaction that happend on sep-8-2016,it was canceled because the company did not accept the money with in the 30days,

Item Title:   British Airways seat purchase
Date:   Sep 8, 2016
Time:   15:44:57 GMT-04:00
Status:   Expired  
Shipping Address:  

No Address Provided

it is now the 9 of november and i still have not gotin my money back from the cancled transaction,i have talked to custermer sup,thru emails and they calm to not be able to find send Transaction ID when it is the only thing in my account i still see it in the activy page of my account,i just need help on why in there systems its not there and where did my money go.i know paypale took the money because when i call my bank about it they conferm it.I just want to know why have i not gotin my money back yet.

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