help with refund

I just received a full refund of my payment to the seller however it does not show in my paypal balance and in my bank account balance?


As of now I need that money to send payment again from the seller to ship my item to me. I got a refund because of shipping method restrictions of my item.  I’m just so mad right now and I need to pay for that shipping so my item will arrive before Christmas.



Anyway here are the facts.


1.)  I used a debit card for this payment

2.) Whenever I try to withdraw funds Paypal says this “Try again when you have a PayPal balance”

3.) My paypal balance is 0

4.) My bank account balance has approximately $1

5.) The refund costs $48 approximately

6.) I can’t send them my payment for the shipping.


Any suggestions? I tried contacting paypal and they have no response.

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