PayPal Security, Western Union Fraud?



So I was selling a Nikon D60 camera on (a website for foreigners residing in Japan to sell there stuff). A guy emailed me saying that he wanted the camera and I agreed to send it to him so he can give it to his son for his birthday. However, I have already sent the box, and I recieved an email saying that something happened to the money transaction, it took $100 extra out of the buyers account, and before PayPal can wire me the money, I have to send the buyer $100 through Western Union and email PayPal with the reciept. I didn’t find this a problem until I realized I didn’t get money into my PayPal account before I gave the money to this guy throughh Western Union. 


It seems strange to me that I should go through a third party website in order to get my money. So I was wondering if this was usual or unusual… The email seemed legit and it had logos, but I am still uncertain.

The email was:

[email protected]  <pp_secureservice (AT)>


Please help me before I make the wrong decision and fall into a scam.




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