Scammed by 70 McCullough Dr # X7270 New Castle, DE 19720

I recently sold an item through eBay to this address. About a month later, the person filed a non receipt claim. The USPS tracking information confirms that it was deleivered. I did some research just to see where this addres was and to my surprise, it has been used by scammers dating back to 2014. What is PayPal doing about this? 


So okay. I got scammed. Does PayPal have my back? Nope. After providing proof of shipping, even pictures of the parcel before i shipped it, the scammer won the case. I even provided links to many sites that confirms this such as and


To make matters worse, PayPal won’t even let me appeal the decision.  I keep getting the following error “You did not enter a Tracking Number. Please enter a Tracking Number and then click Save”.  It won’t even let me remove the tracking. I feel helpless at this point. 



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