Very very tricky German situation!!! HELP

So I bought this item, a 1:43 diecast from a German Seller(I´m in Germany as well). When it was delievered it was broken as **bleep**, the wheels came off the tires, mirrors are smashed. So I try to build a claim which the seller would agree to refund me once I return it. And becuase this is Germany which uses the DHL, it might be much harder than you think. To file a claim with the DHL you must return the damaged item to their office which they will later send back to the sender(seller) alongwith the refund. But the tracking number for which the item return from DHL to the buyer doesn’t exsit!!!! Therefore I cannot really provide a real tracking number for the return process, therefore the seller may claim he never received the return item which he probably is doing by not confirming the return or replying to me. Also, I began to suspect the seller dilerbatlely sold me a damaged item since diecast should not be broken like that even with the worst shipping company in the world!

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